quick, any advice for mid noc that I should know?

#1zeppelin312Posted 4/28/2013 2:27:38 AM
miscommunication with team, time for mid noct
#2AscoltarePosted 4/28/2013 2:28:57 AM
Throw the game.
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#3BhelliumPosted 4/28/2013 2:32:28 AM
carry hard
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#4SomnambulisticPosted 4/28/2013 2:35:37 AM
Activate your ult and then flash in the opposite direction.
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#5ArtosRCPosted 4/28/2013 2:36:46 AM

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#6xSighxPosted 4/28/2013 2:50:25 AM
1. lots of sustain since you're melee
2. lots of mana sustain (probably early tear or something) because you're stupidly mana intensive (if you try to farm with duskbringer you'll be at like 60% mana leeel)
3. gank a lot once you get ult, pray nobody's smart
4. basically if two of your other lanes win and you just don't feed you'll probably win the game, so try to make that happen