At what division do people stop copying mobafire builds?

#11Susan0Posted 4/29/2013 1:24:20 AM
Diamond plat n above?
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zefig posted...
Wait a do you know what Mobafire builds look like?




They look like that.

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I used to use guides before, but now that i only glance at them to check masteries/runes/ or [scaling vs cdr vs base damage] i realize that those who use guides religiously have yet to fully understand the game or at least substantially. With experience you can figure out what you need, for a certain matchup; be that mr/a, ad/ap, cdr, or mpen/arpen.

When a new champion comes out i use the recommended build as a rough guide to the playstyle of the champion. Then after trying the champion i try to decide what stuff is missing. Damage? CDR? Mobility? Utility? Learn by doing, i always say.
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Branchos posted...
Not even adapting to the situation


I was spectating a game once. Top lane matchup was Rumble vs Zed.
Rumble had lvl 1 boots, Haunting guise and Kage's lucky pick. He was 0/7/0.

Or in my own game once: Vlad vs Rengar. Vlad was losing. He built WotA and a Spirit visage.

One time in ARAM our Garen built a Frozen heart. The enemy had 5 AP.
#15easymodexzPosted 4/29/2013 7:36:46 AM
I skim for build approaches.
#16kourkourPosted 4/29/2013 7:40:17 AM
I sometimes check out builds for something extraordinary on some champ, like I never would've thought to build muramana on syndra, stuff like that.
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notanoob74 posted...
I think after awhile I stopped using cookie cutter builds and it got me to diamond.

Yeah because that's how you get to Diamond.
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Saw this yesterday, I was top against Riven as Vlad. She rushed Randuins....
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don't play ranked, stopped at lvl 20ish
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