Remember when Curse was 1st seed for majority of the tournament?

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#2HostileFirePosted 4/28/2013 4:24:42 PM(edited)
It's always better to be hot at the end and they weren't in Week 9 on.

As much as I love Curse they clearly need to work on some things.
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something about the brightest flame going out quicker blaw blaw blaw
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I like how SaintVicious was bashing Elementz for being bad and then he is one of the main reasons they've been losing these matches recently, and also Rhux does not belong as a support he's worse than Elementz
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I always felt that Curse was on a hot-streak that wouldn't last, though I didn't quite foresee them falling off such a cliff.

I think the problem was Voyboy's champion pool got kind of screwed. He loved those yolo champions, monsters like Olaf and bruiser AP carries. Losing them he seems kind of lost right now. Without him being as much of a force, Saint's derp-level aggression doesn't work and it is just a mess.
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