Calling it now blitz fotm once again

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Blitz is permabanned so it won't affect me much.

Thresh is the one who I'm nervous about now. People are catching on to how powerful he is
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Amarajah posted...
I can't believe Riot really created a champ with such mechanics to be honest. How can they really create a champ and say it's fair for a regular non-ult skillshot with medium cd to be so game changing. If they are gonna do that they should make it harder to straight demolish the base after you get baron and push mid with the high respawns. One hook game over? Really stupid.

1. Blitz is so awesome because he's based on a DotA hero.

2. Blitz is pretty tame compared to Pudge.

Pudge's hooks were slightly slower, but they were much longer range, and he could hook allies as well. Good times.
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Blitz is broken. This is a fact, not an opinion. No other character is able to single-handedly win a 12-55 game with one lucky ability. Honestly, he's more broken than Pudge, and it's far more noticeable in LoL since he's not surrounded by other people who are just as broken.
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Why are people comparing games, this game has entirely different atmosphere and mechanics differ for the overall champion pool in each game. I don't know how easy it is to end a game in dota lategame if you get a 5v4 advantage and then get a 15% dmg buff + stat buff and demolish the enemy base immediately, but even then there may be a lot of other champions or better mechanics to deal with such a champion in that game. For example, Banshee's veil isn't an item really everyone can buy and it's not even that great since it can be popped beforehand easily.