"Uncounterable Top"- Jayce? Elise?

#11KengPaoChickenPosted 4/28/2013 11:08:26 PM
Ren counters nunu. Basically anyone with a heal and no mana..
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#12CovenantPosted 4/28/2013 11:28:53 PM
Anyone who says Nunu doesn't lose lane doesn't actually know what losing lane means.

Losing lane means you come out of laning less able to impact teamfights than your opponent. It is legitimately difficult to feed so hard that Nunu has a bigger impact on teamfights than you do.
#13natchu96Posted 4/28/2013 11:44:17 PM
lopismaster3 posted...
And if you great at him Kennen

There's a certain satisfaction in pwning people with the short Ninja Pikachu champion. Pretty dangerous in a teamfight when done right, too.
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#14H4xDefenderPosted 4/28/2013 11:44:59 PM
The only uncounterable top is Jayce. He loses to ganks, but loses hard to them. If he dies even once the lane is pretty much over for him. Renek counters elise, Darius and some others I can't name off the top of my head counter renek, and a lot of things counter yorick.
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#15princemarth23Posted 4/29/2013 12:33:32 AM
Elise is easy for Yorick.
#16EcchiBakaPosted 4/29/2013 12:40:22 AM
Headmistress Fiora.
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#17NosyaielPosted 4/29/2013 1:24:32 AM
Elise does a good job at countering most everytging sent her way. Nunu hard counters yorick, turns any ghouls sent his way into free health. Jayce falls to those with good dis/engage.
#18shadow99226Posted 4/29/2013 1:41:08 AM
Lulu is very good in terms of top lane matchups, She has a lot of free-win lanes, and a few close skill-based matchups. I can't think of lanes she loses off the top of my head.

She also has the added advantage of being hard to counterpick, since most people will assume you are playing support. Not to mention if it's a lane you aren't comfortable with, you can swap and just play support.