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User Info: DefendsPandas

3 years ago#1
The hottest female champion in the game: This can not include skins. The original skin only..

Personally. I like Sona and Janna. If Janna didn't have those ears then maybe she would be number one.. But I don't like the clothing for Sona... So they are tied...
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User Info: shinigami_matt

3 years ago#2
Akali and Sona. Leona in the Chinese splash art
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User Info: wantfastcars

3 years ago#3
I'm gonna go with... Nami.
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User Info: FvP

3 years ago#4
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User Info: HeartlessCharms

3 years ago#5
Miss Fortune
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User Info: Final_Hatsamu

3 years ago#6
Akali hands down.
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User Info: xVashTS98x

3 years ago#7
Old MF was so hot with those hips.
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User Info: Tnykuuh

3 years ago#8
Syndra I think, those hips :3
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User Info: Chaz515

3 years ago#9

User Info: SergeantGander

3 years ago#10
Back in 'Nam I fought off a gang of lesbian hippie child-slaving jewel thieves with nothing but a magic lasso.
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