Cool Story Bro Thread

#1angelfire12345Posted 4/30/2013 12:01:18 AM
I don't currently have a ranked story that's aching me, but I did have the unfortunate experience of having 4 out of 10 placement matches having afk's. One raged, and three were d'cs after like 10 and they never reconnected. So I got placed in Bronze I, which does have it's share of wtf moments.

But I was reading on here, and someone posted that it's probably a good idea to vent your anger somewhere innocuous like a message board, instead of venting it on the next poor soul you meet in yoloque who fails to live up to your level of expertise. I recommend this thread be used to post your ranked woes and worries.

Try to refrain yourself from the flames and the troll posts and think, 'hey, this could help someone not decide to revive jungle teemo your next lp loss.

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