I feel like Trundle at top

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User Info: Adraen

3 years ago#1
Is only viable building damage
I know it depends on your team but BotRK and Trinity Force on him is ridiculous if you ult the enemy tank.
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User Info: edubs

3 years ago#2
I got bortk on him and oh god the sustain. Also it makes him an even BETTER duelist. Next I got FM for some health and a little better stick power, then a Spirit visage, I would have gone for Iceborn Gauntlet next but I rofl stomped Riven in lane and our mid crushed their lissandra for a 25 minute surrender.
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User Info: OgreBattle019

3 years ago#3
ninja tabi and zephyr lets you get cc reduction and good mitigation against physical while still synergizing with bork and q
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User Info: Chrikke666

3 years ago#4
Iceborn Gauntlet is superior to any Phage item in my opinion. For Trundle at least.
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