How do i Hecarim?

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3 years ago#1
Been looking into trying out Hecarim for a while now and just want to gain some knowledge on him before jumping into his jungling.

Basically i want Skill Order
Masteries advice
and some good ways to build him

Right now, i think movement quints are essential.
Build him tanky after getting Spirit of Elder Lizard.
Get boots of Swiftness.

Please Add more to my knowledge.
3 years ago#2
dont do swifties

mobis,tabi, or mercs are almost always better

use your pony powers to get kills, win games
3 years ago#3
go vroom vroom vry fast
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3 years ago#4
Still need more advice. But i'm definitely going to use the line "Pony Power" when snowballing.
3 years ago#5

until it stops being relevant
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3 years ago#6
Well, first you need to change your name to Pega Pony Princess...
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3 years ago#7
Merc Treads
Lizard Elder
Sheen - Trinity Force or Frost Gauntlet
Chain Vest - Burning Cape
Negatron Cloak - Spirit Visage

R > Q > W > E

He is a common ban though so be aware.
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3 years ago#8
[ ]
3 years ago#9
Merc shoes, IBG, spirit visage are core. Do whatever you want all the time. Run ghost instead of flash. Don't try to itemize around his passive until you get homeguard boots. Have an Orianna or Lulu on your team. Homeguard-ghost-Ori/Lulu haste-ult-Ori/Lulu ult. Mayhem!
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