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3 years ago#1
Pretend someone is interviewing you so they can place you on a good LoL team.
They ask the question: What are your strengths and weaknesses?
This question determines if you're going to be placed on a team you work well with.


Top lane -
Strength: Pick OP champions
Weakness: Feed when ganked by jungler

Mid lane -
Strength: Great at farming
Weakness: Lose to roaming mids

Strength - Know how to auto attack
Weakness - Get poked and harassed out of lane

Support -
Strength: Great at warding spots
Weakness: Get caught sometimes

Jungle -
Strength: Ally lanes always win because of your ganks
Weakness: Tower dive at level 2
3 years ago#2
Top lane -
Strength: Understand mechanics such as freezing lane, harass when they last hit, minion advantage in trades, etc
Weakness: Over aggression leads to tunnel vision and being punished

Mid lane -
Strength: Consistently dominate lane with my comfort picks
Weakness: Small champion pool (mostly just assassins) easy to counter pick

Strength - Exceptional positioning, kiting, last hitting, etc
Weakness - Used to solo lane, difficulty working together with support ("Do my own thing")

Support -
Strength: Good at warding, peeling, initiating
Weakness: Die to often by trying to get ADC fed

Jungle -
Strength: Good sense of jungle timers, which lane to gank, protecting buffs, controlling mid game, aware of smite steal potential for either team
Weakness: Lack of experience means I don't know how to get back in the game if all my lanes are doing poorly and I don't have a laner's farm
3 years ago#3
Strengths for all lanes: Diving

Weaknesses for all lanes: Diving
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3 years ago#4
top lane:
strength: can shut just about anyone down absolutely brutally.
cons: I focus a little too much on winning my lane, so even if I do, he probably has roamed and helped contribute more to the overall effort.

strength: Very good at not being ganked, usually win lane, roam often and well.
weakness: I can't seem to figure out what picks help my team comps.

strength: I understand that carry is ultimately a support role, where I don't make the plays, and understand that I ride on my team, not the other way around.
weakness: I get the blood scent and sometimes focus more on killing the enemy carry than my own farm.

strength: Can make plays consistently, as well as anticipate and protect my carry
weakness: my ward game is crap, I either ward too much where most wards are worthless, or I ward too little and provide no information.

strength: I have every junglers routes and all permutations there of that make sense in just about any game situations on lock down. I have builds and the ability to out play anyone else in the jungle. This role lets me bring my extensive strategic knowledge to play, and I play not just the enemy, but my own team mates. I can hold down almost any game.
weakness: emotions can get the best of me in extreme cases and I will deny middle blue even if I don't need it to spite them, or if I dislike someone personally I won't help them, even if its the best choice.
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3 years ago#5
Strengths: Good at farming, last hitting, and harassing
Weaknesses: Get harassed easily, overextend without warding

Strengths: Zone like a mofo, poke like a pro, farming
Weaknesses: I can never actually kill anyone ;-;

Strengths: Aggressive, follow my support when the initiate, farming
Weaknesses: Over-aggressive sometimes, get frustrated with bad support easily

Strengths: Good at keeping my carry alive through peels/heals, poking, pretty good with Blitz and Thresh hooks
Weaknesses: Don't ward enough

Strengths: none
Weaknesses: I can't jungle
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3 years ago#6
Top lane -
Strength: Understanding the importance of aggression when needed, but backing off as well.
Weakness: Can get overly aggressive.

Mid lane -
Strength: Good harass, can land skillshots/targeted abilities with ease.
Weakness: Farming could be much better with champions like Ryze or Pre-6 Anivia.

Strength - Harassment, poke and positioning.
Weakness - Sometimes make some really bad choices.

Support -
Strength: Good timing and can peel well.
Weakness: Warding at the wrong time (Surprise, the bush had a Garen!)

Jungle -
Strength: Ganks are usually successful.
Weakness: Could afford to counterjungle some more.
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3 years ago#7
In general

Decent Mechanics
Most of my picks are counter-meta picks

Limited champ pool
Bad at playing passively
3 years ago#8
Top Lane:
Strength: I have Elise
Weakness: No experience at all in top lane

Strength: Ganks usually result in burnt summoner's
Weakness: Very little experience at all

Strength: Strong poking, pretty good ganks, strongest lane
Weakness: Bad matchups

Strength: Harass, mild match up experience
Weakness: Blitzcrank

Strength: Almost always win on blue team
Weakness: Almost always lose on purple team
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3 years ago#9
LChaos2 posted...
Top Lane:
Strength: I have Elise
Weakness: No experience at all in top lane

3 years ago#10
Weakness: not much matchup knowledge -> dumb trades
Strength: teamfights

Weakness: I don't like roaming
Strength: Farming

Weakness: dumb early aggressions
Strength: positioning and mechanics in teamfights

Weakness: No route flexibility / poor adaptivity to changes, such as invades
Strength: dunno

Weakness: dunno
Strength: dunno
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