can zilean make annie old enough to have sex

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So I searched google for the comic and read it from start to finish.

...My God.
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This is sick I'm calling the cops...
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I'm glad the comic finally finished getting colored. I'm glad to see stories that have a happy ending.
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Typical Sammy.

omg its irish. has everyone migrated to LoL? we just need bale and fhos now :P

Please no. Bale is an arrogant **** and fhos is....fhos. Elitist has been here for a while now, though.

I can actually say with pride that I haven't spoken to Bale or Fhos since 2009. Sammy's chill, though.

It's Ether.

Yeah Bale went off to do his own thang with marky.
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Only when the servers go down.....

God damn it, I thought I was the only one who knew that abomination existed.
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