what do you max second on sejuani

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User Info: Riliyks

3 years ago#21
Dark_Luna3 posted...
W>Q>E>W>W>R. Then max Q > E > W.

Getting W to rank 3 is perfectly fine for jungling. Then you max Q to make your burst damage skyrocket. Then E for utility.

W will still scale nicely because the health scaling is now flat. Get a Golem and/or Sunfire and you're jungling will be easy even at low ranks.

Maxing Q first gives you more disruption, movement, burst and improved dragon/baron securing (Since it's guaranteed to do ~635 damage on either with golem).

Flat? Pretty sure her old scaling was flat off of her total health.

This scales off her bonus health.
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User Info: DualSword31

3 years ago#22
R > E > W > Q

Starting is W > Q > E

User Info: darkman95

3 years ago#23
Her skill maxing is very situational:

Generally: You are the tank, there is no reason why you should be maxing Q for damage when W and E let you gank so much better. Max W then E and Q last

When being counterjungled: If you have a Xin or Lee Sin all up in your jung then you will need to focus on hitting back and maxing Q is necessary.
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