Who are the hypercarrys IYO?

#11JustAPoorBoyPosted 5/2/2013 6:10:28 AM
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Agree with Jax, and the people who say Tristana.

Honestly people don't even realize how ridiculous Tristana is end game.

I'll admit, when I'm annoyed I'm usually one of the first people to just /ff and hope the team surrenders cause I don't want to bother, but I will never ever surrender with a Tristana on my team.
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#13SorrySleepingPosted 5/2/2013 6:15:04 AM
LoL doesn't have hyper carries.

Poppy comes close but teams loaded with CC and lacking a real support can be a problem to her.
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SorrySleeping posted...
LoL doesn't have hyper carries.

Poppy comes close but teams loaded with CC and lacking a real support can be a problem to her.

Poppy's ult kind of makes that CC argument go out the window.
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#16RzulPosted 5/2/2013 6:46:33 AM
The obvious ones:

Vayne, Kog, Jax, Trist, Lux and Tryn.

The ones no one ever uses anymore:

Poppy, Nasus (becoming popular again), Twitch, Veigar and Ryze.
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Level 18 Tristana = OP
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DualSword31 posted...
i love made up terms by kids

A term has to first be made up before it becomes an actual term.

I highly doubt that ganking, laning, "solo top", or other terms like that as they are used here have always existed in the English language.
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Hypercarry being defined as if it is late game and they have full build, game is over unless opposition has one too.


Everyone else is to easily shutdown by proper counter measures. Those five can and will take out at least two people before they die simply because counter measures don't exist. Two in extreme range, one in extreme damage, and two in ignoring CC.
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In no particular order.

Twitch (range + stacking true damage on whole team)
Tristana (range + AS steroid + triple escapes)
Kog'Maw (range + %HP damage)
Vayne (%HP true damage + spammy invisbility)

Jax (imagine if he had a real weapon)
Poppy (damage invuln, %HP damage)
Ryze (tankmage, massive AoE DPS)
Nasus (tanky, 2-shots towers late game)
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