Current Howling Abyss W/L?

#1tranquilizerrrPosted 5/2/2013 6:25:45 PM
How are you finding it?

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#2FvPPosted 5/2/2013 6:27:13 PM
I'm negative, mostly because I don't have any good ARAM champs
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#3DartkunPosted 5/2/2013 6:28:37 PM
You find it after a game

I'm at 15 - 8 atm
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#4xHateradePosted 5/2/2013 6:29:44 PM
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#5tranquilizerrr(Topic Creator)Posted 5/2/2013 6:29:57 PM
I mean, the new queue. Is in, how are you finding the new queue?

I am 19-13.
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#6DartkunPosted 5/2/2013 6:38:16 PM(edited)
Huge player influx, a lot of players who have no idea how to play the map. It's a bit frustrating dealing with people who act like they are pro. The players are much worse skill wise from when it was just customs.

And because everyone likes pictures

Edit: Just to clarify, I bought Shurelia's on Ryze twice because our derpy short-ranged team all refused to buy it and we were getting kited forever.
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#7angermngment101Posted 5/2/2013 6:37:42 PM
im probably about 50%
#8FlameLord23Posted 5/2/2013 6:41:11 PM

I'd say I'm liking it.
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#9ArtosRCPosted 5/2/2013 6:51:40 PM

I can't play Kat or Akali to save my life, and I keep getting them. Faceroll or not, I just can't use them.
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#10Alakazam_fanPosted 5/2/2013 7:06:13 PM
I was 11-2, then my good luck caught up with me :(
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