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How much of ARAM is really decided by randomness?geno21912/25 4:04PM
Is it just me or is Nasus pretty squishy?murrowboy1812/25 3:54PM
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Which weapon looks like it would hurt the most? (Poll)
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bosss332112/25 3:08PM
Teach me how to jungle
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dennis9410121412/25 2:49PM
Why do some people say Rek'sai isn't a girl when she might IDENTIFY as a girl?
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bretonftw2012/25 2:49PM
C/D Poro King needs to become a permanent playable champion? (Poll)SeizureGoat812/25 2:46PM
Riot needs to make a 6v6 mapdovahkiin512/25 2:18PM
C/D Having Ashe/Jinx etc. Ult be global is a noobtrap
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Arken1011212/25 2:12PM
Who's the best 6300 ip champion?HentaiOuji-Sama812/25 2:07PM
YR: Summoner's Rift becomes 4v4Enclosure812/25 2:04PM
I've been saving up for Orianna for a week now, give or take.TerminusEdge312/25 2:03PM
is the chat service down?TheSaintG312/25 1:58PM
Ardent Censer on Janna?
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madcat76732012/25 1:37PM
HOw come the LoL teams players don't switch up their roles time to time?Terrorknight3912/25 1:13PM
When the newest champion has the highest win rate
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edubs2112/25 1:01PM
You know what ARAM really needs?MassOfFlesh812/25 12:49PM
Any east coasters on Latin North?neocide06412/25 12:48PM
What if all the features/ additions/ gameplay changes riot hasn't made...CrowsB4Hoes312/25 12:31PM