Whose your go to "I need a win" champ?

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For Twisted Treeline, Gangplank. His small-map presence and early team fight capabilities are amazing. I can't remember the last 3v3 I lost as GP. But my main go-to (Summoner's Rift) is Zyra. As long as I don't get hard countered mid, it's gg. It's so fun to burst down the mid champion using Ignite but not my ult, then mosey on down bot and pick up another 2 kills for the team, using my ult. And even if I don't do that well in the laning phase, Zyra has amazing utility in team fights and does quite a bit of damage with no AP. I can even start building support (especially if our "support" sucked and doesn't ward or builds AP) and just kinda be an awesome unintentional mid- to- late-game support. Not to mention, support Zyra in bot lane is just free kills. Also, when I'm playing with a low-level or inexperienced friend against intermediate bots, I play Zyra if I wanna win (even if I'm support)-- just in case.

thank you for understanding the power that is zyra

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Zyra goddess

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Vladimir is my go to champion in general so I can't say that I don't practice with him enough.
Also, if I' m playing bot lane, I take usually take Blightcrystal Varus.
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Karthus is always the right answer.

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I almost never lost my lane with him, and he's actually a champ that can carry a game, as long as the other lanes haven't fed much..
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Bankplank if I'm in a "SCREW YOU ALL" mood.

Otherwise: Orianna
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Captain Teemo on duty!
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It used to be annie, but whatever they did to her when they changed her model/voice ruined that for me.
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