Shyvana is a joke.

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3 years ago#1
Enemy Shyvana fails 4 ganks at bot... Barely manages to pull off a 5th one, but only because she came from behind at a time when our tri-bush ward expired.

Why do people insist on playing her? 100% reliance on her ult to pull off anything.. and she doesn't even do that well late-game.

Just saw another one in one of my games... It's as if she appears... *poke poke poke*... she leaves.. I don't even see the point. She's like a really bad version of Hecarim.

I heard she changed in PBE? Do these changes redeem her?
3 years ago#2
Take her top.
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3 years ago#3
Shyvana doesn't gank. Shyvana counter jungles. She's a monster at hit it and quit it, of executed well, the enemy jungler will be 5 levels behind everyone and will be useless all game.

She has terrible ganks unless her lane partners have massive CC
3 years ago#4
I played her as a main in season 2,

37 wins 10 losses got to 1700 elo

All you do is counter jungle,
run in place a ward and steal wraiths every single time. Its not as effective in season 3 though so I dont play her as much. There are much better options like J4 and volibear that work better with the new items.
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3 years ago#5
shyvanna is not about ganking. her ganks are bad. people know this already.

she clears jungle camps fast tho. and therefore can clear enemy camps fast. she can also duel pretty efficiently....essentially what im saying is shes a counter jungler.
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3 years ago#6
Why do people play most "Lower-tier" champs?
Because its fun
3 years ago#7
This topic is a joke.

She's actually pretty solid late game, becoming a beefy tank that can engage in 2-3 v 1's and get away.

Just don't expect her to actually get a kill with a gank. She can usually counter gank decently, and has enough damage to force flashes (5 minutes that their flash is down).

Unfortunately, counter jungling isn't as strong as it was in s2, so she's not as great. Still an alright top laner though.
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3 years ago#8
Nasty counter ganks.
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