The thing that bothers me the most about Shyvana

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I know she is a half dragon or half wyvern or whatever, but her ultimate just feels incredibly underwhelming. It would feel right if, when after transforming, is just a power house that wrecks everything around them, almost unstoppable.

Well no need to make it overpowered. I don't mind her kit (though I do think it needs work, and possibly something to improve the "feel" to make her actually play like a dragon like you want), what I do mind is just the visual of it.

It's the 2nd biggest disappointment visually for me in league. First being Festive Maokai. He doesn't even have tinsel. I'm going to stop myself before I rant on that one.
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I'm with ya, TC. I wished for a dragon champion the day I started LoL (which is about the time LeBlanc was introduced, I think).

Fast forward some time, Shyvana gets announced. And ends up being just a bit better than mediocre, both visually and strenght-wise :/
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Clearly the model designer for Elise has seen a spider before.

dragons dont exist in real life

they can appear as they wish
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She looks like a malnourished Tigrex.
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g-cube_masta posted...
Clearly the model designer for Elise has seen a spider before.

I think your implication that the model designer for Shyvana has never seen a dragon before is accurate.
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