Are there any melee ADCs?

#21infinite_minutePosted 5/5/2013 2:58:33 PM
One of the primary functions of adcs is tower sieging. It becomes exponentially harder to take a turret with a team on top of it if you have no ranged auto attackers that do significant damage. That is why it is never recommended to go adc-less.
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master yi

however I dont suggest taking them bot in solo queue, maybe with your buddies

pantheon/shaco fall to the assassin category imo
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LazyKenny posted...
Jax is the only melee carry in the entire game that isn't completely useless. Unfortunately, he's a solo top, not a bot.

not anymore, he blows up if he builds glass cannon. the old jax was indeed a hyper-carry/
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I have played J4 and Nocturne using full ADC builds. J4 worked, Nocturne not so much IMO.
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