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User Info: BigTee66

3 years ago#51
Maw....ugh he can eat it

User Info: xstream587

3 years ago#52

I'm allergic to cats...

User Info: luciferxf

3 years ago#53
twisted fate.. hmm redneck food

User Info: TheBaronBoom

3 years ago#54
Phantom0708 posted...
LChaos2 posted...

Korean sounds nice.


Get out, nine-tailed foxes are japanese legends

knowledge is power...

as for me...... Sejuani, so it will most likely be roasted boar so yes I'd eat it.

User Info: MizunoRyuu

3 years ago#55
Leona would make a good housewife, and I'd bet her meals would be delightful.
Evelynn is my waifu.
Help... Me...

User Info: noone369

3 years ago#56

Better not, poison and spiders everywhere.
She was absolutely sincere. Emperor help me, they really were pleased to see me. Things must be even worse here than I'd imagined. - Ciaphas Cain
I end topics.

User Info: Final_Hatsamu

3 years ago#57
Yordle Snacks sound delicious right now


(Thankfully, I've been ADCing a lot for my team lately... otherwise I'd been eating some weird Karthus-made meal... o.o)
M-8 "I turn the tide, by choosing to abide"
1Cross + 3Nails = 4given

User Info: Unbridled9

3 years ago#58

She probably strangled everything with her hands and... Ummm... I'm worried. It might be bad, but it might be an awesome cupcake.
Math with Vi!
My 2 fists - 1 of your face = 1 dead foe.

User Info: booyaka619

3 years ago#59

He probably laced it with bleach with a glass of milk on the side.
Steam: RGK [NO!] -- PSN: RGKprod
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User Info: Frosted_Midna

3 years ago#60
Lulu probably made desserts....out of people again!
It's more than good, it's alive!
Warning: May contain stone hat pieces
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