I am really good at ARAM

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to try and be helpful, I will say that people are commenting on your build because CDR is capped at 40%,
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GENEC1DE posted...
to try and be helpful, I will say that people are commenting on your build because CDR is capped at 40%,

I know that and the only time I went over 40 which is the 65 one everyone is talking about has a good reason. I started off with the boots and found that I kept going out of mana quickly with gragas so I started building just the best mana regen items. It worked too as I got key kills for my team late in the game and I didn't feed the opposing team by suiciding because I had no mana.

I did the things that had to be done in order for my team to win. Just because I didn't have a traditional build doesn't mean anything. These guys are all sheeps to traditional builds or how coping how the pros play, they can't think for themselves to figure out ways to win the games they are actually in. All they do is just blame their teammates.

Most these champions I have never played before and am just getting a feel for how to build them, if I get gragas again I would completely change the way I built early on so I wouldn't go over the CDR cap.
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Damn sheep with their 40% CDR. TC you are an innovator.
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I tend to get champs I dunno how to play a lot in ARAM
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you're so good :)
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Randomness will even you out soon enough.
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Still waiting on those links to win streaks from the terrible players that think they are good because they can talk about builds.

See, I was impressed up until you started smack talking. There really is no need for that.

As for arams, if I get yi I get at least 1 pentakill. Not always, but it's pretty much a given.
m8 do u evn compress tho?