whats the most rage inducing thing for you

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User Info: RyokoWins

3 years ago#11
People who blame others for poor performance.
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User Info: holyknight14

3 years ago#12
People who don't at least function at a minimum level. I couldn't care less if we lose, but don't play dumb. Do a little research and practice in custom games.

User Info: IndianaJones65

3 years ago#13
people who stand around and do nothing as a teamfight breaks out, run away when everyone on their team is dead, and act like they're good
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User Info: HeartlessCharms

3 years ago#14
All I have in life is my new appetite for failure.

User Info: AK47plz

3 years ago#15
garbage teammates who go 0/whatever in lane.

User Info: iiTryhard

3 years ago#16
getting camped, makes me feel absolutely useless (and most of the time it's a disadvantage since the other lanes will feed anyway)
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User Info: Tyrannus5930

3 years ago#17
people who f***ing steal my kills when I'm jax
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User Info: icantfindname

3 years ago#18
never expand, never surrender, y u so bad?

User Info: Bobaluchi

3 years ago#19
When the only 2 people who aren't surrendering are 0-9 and 0-12.

Surrender, and move on with your day. Stop wasting my time.

User Info: Geostigma_Cloud

3 years ago#20
The ap master yi that trashtalks the entire game
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