That feel when you finally get the champion you want in ARAM and someone dodges

#1_poi____Posted 5/6/2013 8:39:46 PM
only to get the champion you get all the time in the next game.
#2DartkunPosted 5/6/2013 8:45:23 PM
But you're really good at ARAM so it doesn't matter.
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#3wantfastcarsPosted 5/6/2013 8:47:27 PM
That feel. I had Sona and someone dodged as the timer hit 0. Got Anivia next time through so it wasn't THAT much of a disappointment, but still...
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#4_poi____(Topic Creator)Posted 5/6/2013 8:51:00 PM
Dartkun posted...
But you're really good at ARAM so it doesn't matter.

True, but I still like playing some champions more than others
#5Omega_GigantosPosted 5/6/2013 9:01:58 PM
That's why I like Howling Abyss. Can't see enemy team anymore. So many games got dodged due to people seeing enemy team and thinking "Screw that, I'm outta here". The only times people dodge now are when they're out of rerolls and/or nobody will trade with them. I used to see at least a dozen games get dodged a day. Now, it's maybe 1 or 2 the most.