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3 years ago#1
#1: There is always a Nidalee on the other team.
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3 years ago#2
#2 There's never a Nidalee on your team
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3 years ago#3
report happyfraud
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3 years ago#4
#3: Always hook the Amumu. What could go wrong?
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3 years ago#5
#4 Never kill a Poro
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3 years ago#6
6) Poopy is the best ARAM champ
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3 years ago#7
7. You will get Udyr. If you reroll, you will get Udyr.

3 years ago#8
Your Olaf is definitely going to be the only front line member of your team. He is definitely going to build glass cannon and get one shotted every time he tries to charge that fed enemy Vayne. He is definitely not going to learn from this game and start building tankier in future ARAM matches so there's really no point even talking to him. Besides, he definitely doesn't speak English anyway.

Accept it, and move on.
3 years ago#9
8. Don't kill the Nexus yourself. Let the minions have some glory.
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3 years ago#10
Tower dive, we must tower dive.
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