New champion teaser

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Hiemer is getting reworked into doomerdinger.

I want to believe
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ohnoitslueshi posted...
I don't think it's a demon. I'm guessing it's more some sort of wargod, though some of the imagery brings Khorne to mind.

It's confirmed, This new champion is Khorne and then Lucian, the Gun Templar is a sister of battle.
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It's obviously Illidan Stormrage.
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Haha Zaun Lab Bot retrieved Ez's image for us.
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SongstressCela posted...
Anyone still have the pic of lux? I want to see it :(

Ohh, haha. I saw her shoulderpad sticking out and thought someone just had eagle eyes >.> Didn't know he actually "shoved it back under" XD
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Don't forget that Lucien only has his art leaked. There's apparently a whole pipeline for champions, so it could be months before we see him.
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What if it's still Lucian, but that thing is what he's hunting, and that's another champion on it's own?
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sonic_rockz posted...
What if it's still Lucian, but that thing is what he's hunting, and that's another champion on it's own?

Yeah, since he's a templar, it's only natural that he might be hunting this "demon". Now, if Ezreal is also looking for that demon, he will eventually meet up with the black guy and well... Goodbye Taric.

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He was huge in one of the pictures, and getting worshipped, but no other people who told stories of seeing him (Tryndamere's lore and thst dagger) mentioned him being large . . .

And the only beings currently known to have been worshipped and could change size were . . . Nasus and Renekton?
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