Sejuani is pretty fat.

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User Info: GujinKami

3 years ago#1
How much does Bristle bench to carry that?

User Info: MachDragon

3 years ago#2
He would bench the world

User Info: LatiasSA

3 years ago#3
i bet he could bench a ****in' fridge
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User Info: yFSC

3 years ago#4
You obviously mean phat.
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User Info: darkman95

3 years ago#5
Don't talk **** about my waifu

User Info: kaysa13

3 years ago#6
Why do you hate Sejuani?
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User Info: gjvaquino

3 years ago#7
She is a lil bit on the plump side, kinda like Mariah Carey. Would you play a bigger woman champion, i mean we have Gragas but what if its a woman, would you play that champion?
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User Info: MIG297

3 years ago#8
Wait, which one is to boar?

User Info: Kallakazza

3 years ago#9
Sej is hot dude. Ain't a damn thing wrong with a woman who has some meat on her.

User Info: DaddyZeus67

3 years ago#10
You have high standards...just saying.
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  3. Sejuani is pretty fat.

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