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3 years ago#1
after my first buff im always super close to dying
i start blue btw
idk what to build
what should i do?
start red?
build ap or ad?
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3 years ago#2
start with the wolves.. get some leash from your s*** teammates..
after killing the wolves, get some help for the Blue buff.. After killing that giant one eyed golem, head to the wraiths, not the elder lizard nor the medium sized golems.. Kill the wraiths, then go get red..
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3 years ago#3
Always start blue. Get flat armor yellows and if you get a leash from your laners you shouldn't go down below half. And that's without using a pot.

Always build her AP. I personally like to build:

Machete's +5 pots
Boots/Kage's Lucky Pick
Haunting Guise/Sorc Boots
Death Cap/Void Staff

Pretty standard AP build after DFG.
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3 years ago#4
is it ok to build lizard elder on her even if im going ap?
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3 years ago#5
cautionifeed posted...
is it ok to build lizard elder on her even if im going ap?


Ignore any of those jungle items, you want her to be a real nuke, rush DFG, then get Deathcap, Liandry's, Rylai's. If you really want a jungle item you should take Golem Spirit to be more tanky.
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3 years ago#6
I personally don't build it, but it's a very cost efficient item. I don't think it's bad on her.
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3 years ago#7
cautionifeed posted...
after my first buff im always super close to dying

tell your ahole team to help you with a good leash. Explain that Eve's first clear is pure crap and if they want the ganks they should help.

When ganking remember that you're frickin invisible so don't do predictable **** like waiting in the river bush which will most likely be pink warded (if your enemies aren't complete idiots) instead walk into the lane like you would if you were one of your minions, from your tower, sneak into the bush, tell ally to bait a trade and when they try to engage your ally pop out of effing nowhere and E them, that will most likely scare them away and let you free damage with Q as they run away. If you're still squishy and they want to take you on run away but spam Q as you do, with your teamates also attacking your enemies will have to desist and maybe your team gets a kill if they get greedy.
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3 years ago#8
Lizard Elder is very good on Eve, even if going AP.

Plus all the pros are doing it!
3 years ago#9
I always start a blue with a heavy leash then do wolves
Recall, buy more pots

She clears jungle quickly, sounds like a long process but she's faster at clearing than most. I leave Red late because you can easily get killed by Red or golems so i always make sure i'm ready to take it.

After that buy mobility boots and start ganking.
3 years ago#10
You're not gonna get enough gold to build like Mid Eve.

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