how can garen carry a game?

#11HyperTailsManPosted 5/9/2013 2:55:00 PM
Get an early Avarice and turn it to an Atma's later. Black Cleaver too.

Those two should be enough for damage, get Warmog's, Sunfire, etc
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#12zefigPosted 5/9/2013 2:56:31 PM
1) Acquire Spirit of the Lizard Elder.
2) Proceed to spin.
3) ??
4) To win.
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#13BhelliumPosted 5/9/2013 3:06:53 PM(edited)
mrmonstr posted...
Why does no one ever reccomend Frozen Mallet? It always works wonders when I'm winning lane or want to assassinate stray enemies.

because later on you hardly ever aa, even if it does help q
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#14NinoSuavePosted 5/9/2013 3:43:27 PM(edited)
Its easy to carry games. Endgame you are such a beast they cant do anything, and with your ult up you should never die.

Early game- Boots, Dorans Blade, Brutalizer

Then build- Fire cape, Merc treads or Swiftness, Frozen mallet, Finish Black Cleaver

End game- Infinity Edge + Situational Item, Hexdrinker or Warmogs.

AA, Q, Spin.

Press W once they fight back. Ult if necessary, if not save it for their tank.

Garen is fun to play, and a straight tank killer if you know what you are doing.

Edit- Max E first but put first point into Q. Level 1 Qs are devastating but with Fire Cape and your E you can clear waves super easy and dish out lots of damage.
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#15IWBTGPosted 5/10/2013 1:52:38 PM

The epic result of not building damage on Garen.

Moral of the story: build damage on Garen!
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#16OnionOfMysteryPosted 5/10/2013 1:58:02 PM
IWBTG posted...

The epic result of not building damage on Garen.

Moral of the story: build damage on Garen!

I've seen people like Hotshot be supertank Udyr before, and I've seen people not build enough damage before.

But never, not in my entire life, have I seen such huge extremes of both in one game.

Thank you.
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