How to counter enemys jungler movements/ganks

#1ryudo500Posted 5/10/2013 1:36:16 PM
I know its usually situation dependent as well as champ dependent. but, lets say enemy jungler shows mid and im either at bot half of our jungler and top half of our jungler?

I am usually unsure what to do, my main reaction is to get into their jungler and try to counter jungle or I can push a lane or gank another lane.

give me tips on this please. new jungler heere
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It depends...
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It isn't usually situation dependent, its ALWAYS situation dependent.
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You're right that it is situational. But to give you the best options I usually on my first time back to base buy 1 to 2 wards and use them in the enemy jungle to give me a good spot on where the jungler is. Also if you can usually a counter gank will shake up the jungler quite a bit. It all comes from experience, practice, and confidence.

1) Predict/know where the enemy jungler is.
2) Ask yourself are you stronger at this stage of the game
3) Always keep your jungle cleared
4) Help needed lanes or help winning lanes snowball
5) Ward for your team if they are not.
6) Give second blue buff to mid.

Most of these things become second nature the more you play.

Good luck!