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3 years ago#1
She has killer ganking ability and I'm trying to find a way for Lissandra Jungle to work. Any suggestions? getting spirit stone didn't go well.
3 years ago#2
Don't think she can jungle. Too squish not enough damage early
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3 years ago#3
Dark_Dc posted...
Don't think she can jungle. Too squish not enough damage early


It's like jungling with Sona.
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3 years ago#4
Start with a revolver.

Idk...try spell vamp quints and make sure you get the mastery. Might work.
3 years ago#5
One of my friends pulled it off pretty legit.
3 years ago#6
If you are really having trouble you can run the AS reds, but I haven't had any issues clearing with mpen red(which don't actually help clear at all), armor yellows, mr blues, and ap quints.

she can clear, but she needs a decent leash to be able to level 3/4 gank without backing. I've been favoring a kindlegem into feindish or guise, generally buying into more tankiness than mid or top liss. The build depends on if you are getting objectives/kills on laners, etc.
3 years ago#7
She needs a hell of a leash and if the jungler invades her at red then she's pretty screwed.

If you're playing with friends and they'll help / understand then go for it, if you're in solo queue it isn't worth the rage.

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