My new favourite duo queue support:

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3 years ago#1

On skype with somebody who channels to spirit of baylife to a ridiculous extent it works pretty damn well, against certain comps. If their support isn't all-in, the skittles are fantastic zoning and harass if you can land them, and the wall is ridiculously good for initiating fights and stopping ganks.

I've been building pretty standard suicide Karthus, rushing tear and then Deathcap or Zhonya's as the situation requires. I've had it work with Ezreal, Draven, Lee Sin and Pantheon so far today. We won lane every time, though one game was lost to an incredibly fed Zed.

No CS until after laning phase, but the kills and assists get you enough gold to do what you need to. Then you go full AP hypercarry.

....Yeah. Cool story bro that's nice honey.
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3 years ago#2
you do not have enough gold
karthus is extremely farm intensive
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3 years ago#3
Is this ranked? Because if it is, it can't be very high ranked. | LoL IGN: Vulcane
3 years ago#4
no thanks
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3 years ago#5
Y'all underestimate the early game dominance in the right circumstances. Forget minions, farm champions.
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3 years ago#6
The one experience i had with Karthus support I bullied their adc so hard he had 11 cs at 10 minutes.

Of course our Graves had 26, and despite admitting he was rusty this was apparently my fault for having taken 26 of my own to refill mana, despite his not participating in the harass at all. And being able to take it with no AD.

So idk, I see the potential but need a different partner I suppose.
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3 years ago#7
This argument has been had

karthus support sucks, and other champs can do the job much much much better

Even among oddball supports he is low on the list
3 years ago#8
The point isn't that it's new meta level of good. It's that it's entirely competent when either duo queueing or in a premade 5, and hilariously fun if you like playing Karthus. The bullying is ridiculous, and if you do it right then by mid-game you have a second AP carry instead of a utility-based support. Depending on your team comp this works to your advantage, and it always demoralizes the opponents to see an unusual combination destroying what was supposed to be their carry.
*waits until someone says something funny to quote*
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