Name one top lane champ that counters trundle

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3 years ago#62
ThreshTheDBag posted...
omega bahumat posted...
full_metal01 posted...
omega bahumat posted...
Oh right, i forgot to list the many champs that beat him


If you wanted to make a point, you did not start well. Trundle destroys Jax


Jax loses lane to him (much like 90% of Jax's lanes) pre-6 then proceeds to dominate him because his ult is far better for their duel.
Trundle excels at 2v2 battles and lane support, he can also out-duel most champions because of his kit. Unfortunately for him, Jax has a far better 1v1 kit than most of the roster and very few champions can truly 1v1 him once he gets going.

Did you really just say Jaxs ult is far better for their duel then trundles.

Oh my god, you are either trolling or just extremely stupid.

PBR - you can't even get out of silver with your best champions, stop trying to tell other people how to play the game.
3 years ago#63
PBR best champ is jax

stats with jax

For someone who mains Jax you are incredibly mediocre with him and should stop giving advice on how to play him. Lord knows I'm an awful Jax and still beat trundle because his kit is better for dueling.
3 years ago#64
holy s*** you double post and actually took the time to look up my stats because you are so buttmad.

Meanwhile, everyone else is laughing at you for really saying that Jax's ult>Trundle's ult in a 1v1 situation.

like i don't even need to post bad you are if you really think that.
Trigga, I AM Christmas!!!
3 years ago#65
Feel free to keep trolling, but you are wrong.
3 years ago#66
"Hi I'm trundle and like my enemy's health.

Hi I'm trundle and i like my enemy's armor

Hi i'm trundle and i like my enemy's MR."

"Hi trundle, I'm Jax and i like to give myself free resistances that make me very tanky and allow me to survive a duel situation.

"Hi Jax, i'm going to take all of those free resistances, plus a percentage of your health. Oh and i'll steal some of your AD too if that's okay"

" :( Trundle no pls"

"To late"

Trigga, I AM Christmas!!!
3 years ago#67
I like the part where trundle gets full usage of his abilities but jax only gets the active of his ult
3 years ago#68
That was a description of just his ultimate and Q bro.

But okay. Trundle also has innate sustain, Jax does not.

Trundle has the luxury of building tanky early, Jax does not.

Jax has mana problems early on, Trundle does not.

Jax is weak pre 6, Trundle can abuse this fact.

Jax's only advantage on Trundle is his Counter strike, which lasts all of 2 seconds on a long ass CD unless you max it first. Increased AS means squat if you're getting your AD reduced every time Trundle Q's you.

If you are losing to Jax as a Trundle, then god help you.
Trigga, I AM Christmas!!!
3 years ago#69
Because none o Trundles abilities share the exact same cooldown as counterstrike

Because I didn't mention that Jax loses lane pre-6 (Like Jax does in 90% of his matchups)

Because itemization can't help with the other issues

Are you even trying? Have you played the match up?
I can't help but think that you, like most of gamefaqs, like to ride trundles ass as being this god of a laner when he's really not.

He's moderate to okay. He's above Rammus and Shaco tier at least I guess.

Also LuL@ AS meaning crap against Damage reduction. It's more or less a direct counter to it. If you can't hit harder hit faster mate. Jax wins at 6 with relative ease.

Forgot to mention that your 'sustain' was already covered in this topic. 42 HP a wave, 50 every 3 waves is not that much, the fact that people harp on his passive this much is hilarious.
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