remember when soraka could give mana to herself

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then it was removed

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Remember when TF could stun towers with his gold card?

...and had a fully global port....for his E.

...and his gold card was an AoE stun.
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Remember when Garen stacked Sunfire Capes?
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Arken101 posted...
Remember when Garen stacked Sunfire Capes?

Remember when eve did?
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Remember Urgot?
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Remember around mid 2012 when a bunch of super broken champs just came out subsequently? Release Darius, Zyra, Diana, Jayce. Along with the short-lived AP rengar into a monstrous AD 2 second tower destroying Rengar that would pop out of nowhere and one shot any squishy or even an unfed tank with no hope of escape? Oh and don't forget dat Rengar W waveclear yo, don't forget.
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God I miss Innervating Locket