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3 years ago#1
I was support Nami and this Xin on my team kept pestering me to ward all these different locations so I do and go out of my way to ward constantly which led me to be under leveled and weak, When i ask this xin to help out with wards after he was done complaining and saying "well if we had wards we could win all these team fights" Just after we lost one basically putting the blame on me he then proceeds to say "only supports ward" when he is the jungler... Is it hard to just help ward the map?

Best Jungler NA

3 years ago#2
You gave him an inch.

He took a mile.

Whats bad is you were surprised about that.
3 years ago#3
junglers ward maybe 10-20%, warding is indeed supports job. a sight stone will give you enough of them. 3, one for objectives like baron/dragon and other two for main ganking areas(eg: river bushes in mid lane)

junglers wriggles ward makes 4.

enough to cover key location and detect enemy movement.
3 years ago#4
Xins are bad people, not surprising
Not to mention that Morg cheated using powers from another dimension. She may as well call herself ExDeath and go Mwahahahaha- KeepItCivil
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