Lane Rammus?

#1wrobe67132Posted 5/14/2013 3:19:04 PM
I main Jungle and for a while I've really wanted to play Rammus. Problem is I promised my friend I'll start playing on my smurf account with him so I can't really jungle. I still want to play him and take him top lane, and I saw his AP ratio is 1.0 on his Q, and he doesn't really have AD ratios. How does AP Rammus top lane seem? Even when his ult is down you can still be useful with your taunt and defensive curl
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he goes ad top
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An interesting build I used in a couple of matches is Mercs, Sunfire, Abyssal, Randuin, Zhonya and Liandry. It's pretty strong since Randuin causes attackers to be slowed, who are then damaged by his W and subsequently Liandry...'d for the full effect. That's about as AP heavy as you can get without becoming useless.
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you will get absolutely slaughtered by almost any top laner and be too far behind to be much of a factor out of lane