How to Elise?

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3 years ago#1
Top/mid and jungle. How do I melt faces?
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3 years ago#2
- Enter Champ Selection
- Let other team pick their favorite top champion
- Pick Elise
- Listen to their cries and screams
- Say "GL HF" as they begin to kill themselves over how bad this game will be
3 years ago#3
Build mpen (sorc boots, guise) and tankyness. Poke with Q, land stun, kill.
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3 years ago#4
Build magic pen items and tanky items, Normally a haunting guise and pen boots are enought.

In lane most of your harrass will be just Human Q into an auto attack. But you can also Human Q into Spider Q walk away whilst spiderlings get a little more damage on them.
3 years ago#5
start with health and mana pots. first back get doran rings or a magic pen item. after this hit the music
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3 years ago#6
Doesn't sound too bad so far. I find her big kit a bit intimidating though. So what would a full build look like?
PSO is teh best!
3 years ago#7
PSO is teh best!
3 years ago#8
In terms of her kit, Riot actually set it up very cleanly:

Q: single target nukes
W: AOE/sustain waveclear
E: CC/escape

Should be easy to get used to after a bit.

Only particular things to note ... all the spider form abilities cost 0 mana. If you can actually get any free damage off with those, great.

Also, spider form Q has a pretty good range. It's like a mini-leap.

That's pretty much it. In terms of actually killing people ... Q/E - W - R - QW ..... E Q R EQW.

Oh, one subtlety with her rappel ... never target a unit with rappel. Always rappel by targeting empty space. You can drop down early if you target something afterwards, but you should always give yourself the option to sit in space. Remember you get sight in the full circle, so you can rappel down to neutrals across walls and stuff.
3 years ago#9
make sure you use spiders. another thing many people are unaware of is that you can actually turn into a spider
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3 years ago#10
easymodexz posted...

Thanks! That was very informative! :)

Still wondering about final builds though?
PSO is teh best!

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