What are your 2 favorite champions in each lane (including jungle)?

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User Info: C3isSwift

3 years ago#1
Mid:,Katarina,??? (I don't mid much)
Jungle:Lee Sin,Hecarim (Or Nocturne,or Volibear I'm testing out these people)

User Info: Wii306

3 years ago#2
Top: Irelia, Elise
Jungle: Hecarim, Maokai
Mid: Orianna, Ryze
ADC: Tristana, Ezreal
Support: Alistar, Blitzcrank
Currently Playing: P4, White 2, LoL

User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

3 years ago#3
Top: Vlad, Jayce
Mid: TF, Morde
ADC: MF, Cait
Supp: Leona, Lulu
Jungle: Only have jungled once and it was as Olaf so I guess Olaf
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User Info: Sorridu

3 years ago#4
Top: Malphite, Teemo
Mid: Swain, Mordekaiser
Bot: Thresh, Blitz for support and Ashe, Draven for ADC
Jungle: Shaco and Blitz (Hilarious)
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User Info: aHappySacka

3 years ago#5
Top: Cho'Gath, Jayce
Mid: Kassadin, Xerath
Jungle: Skarner, Xin Zhao
ADC: Varus, Urgot
Support: Sona, Thresh

I try to get someone else to play ADC since it's my worst role, or if not then I tell them not to complain if I can't carry them.
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User Info: CORNBRE4D

3 years ago#6
Top: Irelia, Riven
Mid: Diana, Lux
Jungle: Lee Sin, Noct
Support: Lulu, Leona
ADC: Ashe, Cait
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User Info: AznJudge

3 years ago#7
Top: Jax, Swain
Mid: Ahri, Talon
Jungle: Nocturne, Jarvan IV ties with Vi
ADC: Caitlyn, Ezreal
Support: Sona, Taric (Lee Sin if I'm feeling feisty)
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User Info: Airborne_Gnorc

3 years ago#8
Jungle: Nocturne, Nautilus
Top: Malphite, Yorick
Mid: Talon, Fizz
ADC: Twitch, Varus
Support: Nunu, Fiddlesticks
Formerly Z911

User Info: iluvaznchix

3 years ago#9
Top: Nasus, Mundo
Mid: Nunu, Annie (i don't mid much)
ADC: Trist, Varus
Supp: Thresh, Zyra
Jungle: Naut, Voli
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User Info: mutation10101

3 years ago#10
Top: GP/Fiora
Mid: Kat/Akali
Support: Leona/Sona
Jungle: Elise/Hec
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