Is Riven good in the jungle?

#1fft_ramzaPosted 5/14/2013 11:33:38 PM
I tried her out and won but i dunno if it was because the other team was really derpy or it was a legit win.

What's this board consensus on Riven jungle?
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#2cautionifeedPosted 5/14/2013 11:35:15 PM
you dont get enough money
not that useful in teamfights unless you have lots of money
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#3BhelliumPosted 5/14/2013 11:38:53 PM
Damn terrifying ganks though.
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#4Knight_Of_OrderPosted 5/14/2013 11:49:31 PM
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#5DeadClashPosted 5/15/2013 12:11:16 AM
cautionifeed posted...
you dont get enough money
not that useful in teamfights unless you have lots of money

Pretty much this. You have good ganks, but once laning phase ends you don't have enough money to be much of a threat.
#6_RaveMaster_Posted 5/15/2013 12:19:17 AM
she's pathetic in Jungle unless you just plan to farm champions instead of jungle creeps.
#7RyliksPosted 5/15/2013 1:50:47 AM
As I said in your previous post, she can have success, depending on the way you gank the lane, it is terryfing to see a Riven come and gank from the far end of the lane.
It is nigh impossible to avoid as well, due to stun on demand and high mobility.
You just really have to make sure, that the gank either rewards you with a kill, or an assist.
#8HostileFirePosted 5/15/2013 2:33:38 AM
Tried it multiple times and as great a ganker as she was I always fell off hard mid(ish)-to-late game.
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#9bIuerainPosted 5/15/2013 2:48:23 AM
Start red and get a leash. Come in for terrifying ganks, it's hard not to get your lanes fed. Riven will stay relevant (but not a terrifying force like when she wins top lane hard tho), but all your lanes will thank you because they're all fed.

That's the point of jungling. You're getting all the other champions, not yourself, fed. Riven is seriously one of the most OP champions in the game even after nerfs, but a weaker-but-still-relevant Riven is worth 4 fed champions.
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