So is there a decidedly better jungle item for Zac?

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Considering the fact that Locket scales with level, getting it as a first item is just... well, yeah.

But, let's assume you're not using the active.

Locket gives
300 HP
35 Armor
10% CDR
10 HP/5

for 1850 gold.

Golem Fist gives
500 health
14 HP/5
7 mp/5
10 CDR
Passive: 25% more damage to monsters
Passive: Tenacity.

Golem is efficient even if you take away both passives.

What situation can there possibly be where building a Locket as your first item is better? Ever?

Edit: err, what Deadpool said.
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From: Knight_Of_Order | Posted: 5/15/2013 4:15:12 PM | #018
Because you dont get more health, clear speed AND tenacity with Golem right?

Because 200 more flat HP makes me feel oh so comfortable ganking strong AD lanes or taking a taking a turret shot or two, not to mention the shield. 35 armour helps a great deal.

Spending gold for more clear speed isn't necessary if you already kill most of the camp by jumping in. Zac actually would PREFER having to cast one more W to clear the camp, since he'll end up with more health after blob pickups.

Tenacity is nice, but not an early game necessity by any means. Zac doesn't lose as much while being CC'd as other tanky champions since his main job is pushing W every couple of seconds.

Locket rush is simply better overall than Ancient Golem rush if you want to get off successful ganks. If you want to farm the jungle all day and not use your amazing ganking kit, be my guest.
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#23Frost_shock_FTWPosted 5/15/2013 1:27:09 PM
From: NicoGrimm | Posted: 5/15/2013 4:24:12 PM | #021
What situation can there possibly be where building a Locket as your first item is better? Ever?

The situation where after you build your jungle item you are now sitting on a jungle item and have no gold put towards your other core items whatsoever. If by midgame you haven't been able to afford Visage or Sunfire because you wanted a jungle item early game you're in trouble.
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#24easymodexzPosted 5/15/2013 1:28:39 PM
Sounds like you can't afford your SV/SFC because you can't clear the jungle fast enough to go gank.
#25NicoGrimmPosted 5/15/2013 1:49:37 PM
...We're being trolled right now, right? :|
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FoxDragon13 posted...
For me personally, I get wraiths first and merc treads/

The reason is that I have both MS quints and MS masteries that lets me have 400+ MS when I do get merc treads.

I like Wraiths for the spell vamp, and the CDR on Smite. The CDR lets me use smite more, and helps me to have it for important objectives. That, and in some fights I use smite on a minion to get a very nice chunk of health back in a team fight.

Okay some of these posts, man.
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#27gaara999999Posted 5/18/2013 3:26:47 AM
1. Get machete
2. Clear everything faster
3. Use the extra gold gained from clearing stuff faster to buy other items
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From: KaosShadow | #006
easymodexz posted...
Frost_shock_FTW posted...
I don't get a machete at all on Zac, I need to get actual useful items.

Lolol clear jungle 10% slower, get 10% less XP, gain 10% less levels, gank 10% less often, lose 10% more health while jungling.


because other items provide no bonuses at all!

and you can't build them into awesome items!

no sir!

on the other hand it's not like all the Spirit of the X items are hueg OP or anything and build out of machete.
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