I'm a beginner, who is the best champion to use?

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Teemo is newbie friendly.
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Annie is great for new players, she teaches you a lot just through her gameplay (last hitting, ability combos, ect.)

Yeah, I was actually using her just a few minutes ago. I don't know alot of the technical terms about combos and stuff yet, but I do especially like how she can summon Tibbers.

I agree with this guy, Annie was a great champion to learn. Also, Tibbers, or any equivalent ability hot-keyed to "R" is your ultimate ability, or your ult.
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Kayle is also good, as her abilities are basic, yet invaluable.
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Kayle for real. Kayle or Jax. Kayle is the absolute easiest though. She's amazingly good too.
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Annie is good

Kayle is good

Ashe is good

Garen and Xin Zhao are very simple and straightforward.
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