Need help picking a new ap mid champion please

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It's time for TC to party like a rock star, and prove how metal he is.
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He is a 1v1 King with great burst Damage, a great poke, and excellent zoning abilities. Superb Damage output and doesn't have many counters in Lane. Any Mage that wants to try to counter you has to invest in an otherwise useless ability. Beautiful at just eliminating ADCs in about 2 seconds solo.
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Does Ahri, Viktor, and Orianna all have good burst damage?
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marcus_z6 posted...
Does Ahri, Viktor, and Orianna all have good burst damage?

Ahri's full combo does a lot of damage, though it's very skillshot dependent. Generally intersperse her abilities between ulti charges - create an opening to land charm, dash near them with W up, and get Q and your last 1/2 charges in there somewhere.

Viktor's burst is well...just unload everything, which is much easier if you can trap them in your W.

Orianna is more poke for part of the game, once you start getting some good AP in your build her kit, especially those Ws sting like hell.
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supershadonic posted...
Wanna play a broken mid.

Go Kog Maw AP or Lux

Wanna play an enjoyable mid go AP EZ.

Wanna play an unkillable mid but one that doesn't do much in teamifights, go AP Xin.

Wanna play an unkillable mid that does do insane damage in correct circumstances in teamfights, go AP Yi.

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