5/23/2013 PBE patch notes - tons of Aatrox changes

#21DarkemastePosted 5/23/2013 7:54:34 PM(edited)
I'm slightly confused.
They gave the AS steroid from his ultimate a better base value so it isn't dependent on champions hit with it though with a lower total value, but at the same time allowed his passive to give 1% AS per 2% health stored (caps at 50% AS given btw) while increasing how much health his well stores and making it heal all of the accumulated health in 4 seconds?

Meh, they removed the health gained from ult but lowered it's cd, pretty big buff to his E's AD ratio, (which is his 900 range low cd slow btw) and now allows him to potentially heal 100% of his total health over the duration of 4 seconds with these changes.

I'm confused, because Aatrox has so many things going for him at once I'm not too sure where he would go best.
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