Yo NA, you beat us at all-stars. That doesn't mean you're better.

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omega bahumat posted...

good man.
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kourkour posted...

-The teams picked by the fans were not necessarily the best players of every lane, just the most popular
-Random guys can't play necessarily play properly together due to different styles, something especially true in Europe due to the various styles in the teams.

You understand that 3 of your players were from a russian team that played this game 3 hours a day and should have impeccable synergy.

They'd have a 4th if there was no ruling(yellowpete is weaksauce, i think they shouldve taken froggen over alex).

They were on equal conditions(they both had delayed visas).

The NA team was from 4 different teams, each the most popular of each role. I even saw several threads on reddit begging not to pick EG players like wickd because of nostalgia, and that they should vote the russians because they would have the biggest chance of winning.

So, with NA displaying more individual skill(specifically the botlane and Dyrus), we indeed are better. I never thought so before your post, however.
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