Jungle Vi build?

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User Info: LightKiller99

3 years ago#1
Lately i've been rushing elder lizard, and almost always doing good. I also like buying a brutalizer and locket. Also sometimes i buy mobility boots and others tenacity boots.

However, i've seen a video where vi had an ibg, and i thought that would actually be better than a cleaver. Sooo, any idea?

User Info: Bhellium

3 years ago#2
different than a cleaver

Lizard->Brut if you're stomping

Lizard->health if you're doing ok

/wrists if you're doing bad
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User Info: Lord Grahf

Lord Grahf
3 years ago#3
If you don't build new blade of the ruined king on her, you're an idiot.

It's literally the equivalent of not building a blade of the ruined king on vayne.
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