Would this team work?

#1Underoath_fan8Posted 6/11/2013 8:14:34 AM
So in my head, this seems like it would be the absolute most annoying team to face...ever. If I was more creative I'd call it something else, but for now I will just refer to this team as the "Unkillables."

Top - Trynd
Jungle - Zac
Mid - Anivia
ADC - Kayle
Support - Zilean

So obviously Kayle isn't a prime choice for an ADC, and Zil isn't too good currently, but for the sake of the comp, we're just lookin to survive bot lane long enouh to get past laning stage.

Now I'm sure you know what I'm getting at here with this idea, but mainly just wanting to see if yall think it would be effective. These Ults (Trynd, Kayle, Zil) and passives (Zac, Anivia)...mixed with a plethora of guardian angels, seems like this team would be absolutely unstoppable. SEEMS anyway.

Obviously Trynd is gonna be the main source of AD, putting a lil more focus on lifesteal than his usual bruiser build. Anivia main source of AP. Zac typical unkillable tank/jungle build.

Kayle build could I guess be typical ADC build WITH a GA. But honestly we are mainly using her (and Zil) for the ults, which can be used situationally OR to make Trynd LITERALLY unkillable. And Zil could honestly even build straight tank if it works situationally, doesn't really matter I guess.

But basically, team fights would be the most hilarious/amazing/scariest thing ever.

So please enlighten me if this comp would be a bust, or if its already an old idea, but honestly I believe this could potentially be amazing.
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#2natchu96Posted 6/11/2013 8:30:11 AM
Seems like the gimmick comp that may or may not work but would be amazingly hilarious if everything went your way.

You'll just have to all be at the same place at the same time after laning phase presumably ends.
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#3GainazzoPosted 6/11/2013 8:42:52 AM
I think it could, here's TPA doing a similar thing with Vayne. They lose laning and stuff but late game vayne with 4 supports is just too much to bring down.

#4localizedfreedoPosted 6/11/2013 8:53:48 AM
Wtf do you mean "his usual bruiser build"? Last I checked a damage output machine of splitpush isn't a bruiser.

Mercury's, phantom dancer, blade of the ruined king, infinity edge, last whisper is the standard as far as I've seen.
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#5grand_commanderPosted 6/11/2013 8:56:57 AM
Underoath_fan8 posted...
So in my head, this seems like it would be the absolute most annoying team to face...ever.

Make the team, record the games, and make liberal use of Yakety Sax and speed-up/slow-down effects on the team fights. Then become a YouTube sensation. You don't have to win the game to win.

Guardian Angels will, of course, be the team uniform.
#6VrrrooomPosted 6/11/2013 9:00:26 AM
Everyone should have TP so they can TP to zac's blobs :-D
#7Underoath_fan8(Topic Creator)Posted 6/11/2013 9:30:56 AM
grand_commander posted...

Guardian Angels will, of course, be the team uniform.

Haha, actually very tempted to do this whole thing now.
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#8SorrySleepingPosted 6/11/2013 10:02:47 AM
Need to try to find the video of a pro match. One entire team had GA. They "lost" the fight, and got owned, but their GA's all revived them, and they came back to wipe the floor. Was funny to see.
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#9Supercuaco666Posted 6/11/2013 11:03:04 AM
I tried this once with some friend (and we all ran Revive/Teleport on top of that).
I must say that it's really, REALLY hard to coordinate all of those ults. For example, you could have a Trynda ulting himself, with Kayle's shield and Zilean's gold thing at the same time, and 2 of those were wasted.
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#10Underoath_fan8(Topic Creator)Posted 6/11/2013 11:26:43 AM
Well obviously you wouldn't just both ult trynd as soon as his rage starts. Ideally, you'd use zilean's ult when his rage is almost up, and then (if even necessary) you'd use kayle ult AFTER being revived by Zil.

And thats IF ur just wanting to keep trynd alive the whole match just for the lolz.

Ultimately, the ults would just be used on whoever situationally.
"Open your closed mind and close your open mouth." -ABR