Yi's getting an update- Who's due for style/kit updates?

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3 years ago#21
I feel like Im in the small minority who like heimerdonger :(
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3 years ago#22
From: Dartkun | #019
BeerBongJohn posted...
From: MizunoRyuu | #009
I really wish terrible Bronze players wouldn't complain that Sivir's kit needs changes. It's perfect the way it is - just because you can't play her doesn't mean she's bad.

I believe it's because the balance the game for competative play, thus niche champions who are team comp reliant such as Ashe and Sivir get called bad by solo queue allstars. They are both hilariously good ADC's in arranged games if you build teams around them.

When was the last time she was really shown in high competitive play?

who Sivir? Since Draven hit the competitive scene I guess. Draven kinda poops on her
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3 years ago#23
sions fine as he is. I'm the best sion player I seen and make the game look like unbalanced garbage when I play him. Ugly champs will always be ugly and won't attract girls and weeboos. most of those champs do not work because they are too situational. Sivir works well with gragas bot. But needs that extra harass to be intimating in a team fight.
3 years ago#24
I bet they'll make Poppy sexier...ewww but yeah
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3 years ago#25
With these Yi changes they better rework Fiora soon, I mean new Alpha Strike makes Fiora's ult look like garbage.
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3 years ago#26
Heimerdinger is still waiting for that rework after all this time. It sounded promising when there was some potential info about his rework in that magma chamber trailer, but nothing since then.

Taric needs a model update badly. Probably some gameplay tweaks too, he's fallen off really hard among supports, from one of the best to middle of the road or lower.

Kassadin's and Sivir's models are archaic and are actively terrible to look at.
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3 years ago#27

He definitely has the worst model of anyone right now.
3 years ago#28
Eve's model isn't so bad, it works fine with her current skillset.

the pizzafeet need to go first.
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