Mathematical proof of wearing a Rabadon's and Hextech Gunblade on Miss Fortune

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PrintScreenKey posted...
Howdy7777777 posted...
To be an ult-bot aren't you going to want max cdr in there?

well you have the 10% cdr from cleaver and 4% from masteries.

As long as each team fights occurs within 1.5 minutes from each other it should be up in time.
I doubt a team fight will happen every minute.

In ARAM a teamfight every 60-90 seconds isn't unreasonable really. But I see your point. I don't play MF and thought she had a longer cooldown that a minute 45 on her ult.
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although I'm not in for it as pros will easily dodge the Ult unless CCed its still good to see people try new stuff and have the interest to prove it with math calculations. The reason I personally don't love this setup because its a hit or miss build with long intervals between your ults after which you are pretty much useless for its CD as autoattacks won't do damage. But if it works for you go ahead.

+1 for TC for not being a meta sheep and doing math.
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I'm guessing someone argued with him whatever and now he's out to prove his point?
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Bossfella posted...
Awe the enemy team with a shockingly strong bullet rain.

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Your ult might do a little more damage but being much weaker for the time its on cooldown is a waste.
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angelwkw3 posted...
Your ult might do a little more damage but being much weaker for the time its on cooldown is a waste.

Meh MF doesn't auto attack anyway.
it makes your E and W stronger
And you still get some decent AD for Q
I do it all the time on ARAM
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PrintScreenKey posted...
Meh MF doesn't auto attack anyway.

say what now
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tl;dr Sanguine Blade sucks

Well I already knew that...
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You'd be better off replacing one of the gunblades with a Deathfire Grasp.

Comparable amounts of damage
An active to let you melt someone.
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Wow this sounds awesome.
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