RIP in piece jayce

#1a5ny5Posted 6/22/2013 8:13:48 AM
16s you serious? how am i suppose to throw down accelerated shock blasts and then have gate back up when they decide to charge at me?

also i dont get the tear change. what does it mean by twice in 8 seconds?
#2natchu96Posted 6/22/2013 8:14:52 AM
It means in 8 seconds you can charge it twice, I guess? :/
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#3a5ny5(Topic Creator)Posted 6/22/2013 8:15:48 AM
how is it different from changing tear to a 4s cooldown then?
#4NykzaPosted 6/22/2013 8:19:58 AM
You can get 2 stacks from doing an EQ combo :d
#5MindersPosted 6/22/2013 8:22:47 AM
Nykza posted...
You can get 2 stacks from doing an EQ combo :d

This, to allow you to stack from combos yet keep the overall same time to charge it.
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#6a5ny5(Topic Creator)Posted 6/22/2013 8:22:55 AM
also R doesn't charge tear anymore? RIP
#7bighairycamelPosted 6/22/2013 8:23:34 AM
Maybe it was benefiting from the artificer mastery and this will make sure it can't. I dont know just a guess, i don't know if artificer even works with auto-activated items if they can even be called that.
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#8FlareZeroPosted 6/22/2013 8:36:39 AM
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