Veigar is the worst champion in the game

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g-cube_masta posted...
in case anyone needs a recap on the topic up to this point so far it is:

"ur a bronzer"

"lol no ur bronze"


stay tuned for the conclusion

Riveting isn't it?
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SumSmartDoood posted...
Wow TC, could you be any more wrong? Everybody knows that winrates mean nothing. The only reason his winrate is so low is because he is a 1350 ip champion, which means that he is more likely for newer players to play, which in turns leads to an artificially low winrate. DUH!

Veigar is one of the best AP mids in the game, he literally has an aoe stun and TWO nukes. Go back to bronze, TC.

Fail while trying to troll yourself with an alternate account good sir?

It was a satirical response to my own post.

i'm sure that's what happened to this guy too
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