What happens when a late game team gets to late game

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Well, that depends. Is their opponent equally late game?

Top: Jax
Jungle: Nautilus
Mid: Veigar
ADC: Kog'Maw
Support: I dunno; Alistar, maybe

My team comp would win.

Poppy would ult alistar or nautilus.
Go in and assassinate kog and veigar as well.

Nasus would wither jax, and jax cant really kill ryze or vayne.

Vayne and Ryze would kill naut/jax pretty fast.

Kog and veigar CANT kill poppy allowing my team comp to win.


but then poppy gets peeled for the duration of her ult by whichever of the two supports she targeted
Jax Scimitars the wither
Veigar one shots vayne because shes so shortrange


I can do it too bro